The bottom line

that it’s a great time to be a marketer. New platforms are springing up to capture consumers, providing marketers new opportunities to get their message out and to engage in interactive dialogues. We have a better understanding of the effects of targeted advertising, now a commonplace practice.

What are the capabilities

needed to survive in the new ecosystem of marketing? You will need many resources and tools available on the Internet. Some of them request a price and some of them are free. Some of the automatic systems can run from many hundreds of dollars to as much as $6000 a month and more.

You will need a blogging system

a calendar, a campaigns organizer, a groups management system, a leads and leads management system, private message system and a web-conference system just for a start.

There is no need to search

A platform is under the process of being launched that will supply all the tools you need for FREE. That is right the tools are free and will always be free. Their income will come from advertising and that will be your choice if you decide to do so. The new company is Markethive

Recent Projects

Marketers and advertisers

slowly understanding the value of the online space — yet few major marketers have developed the capabilities to thrive as the new ecosystem develops. It is more critical than ever that marketers team up in groups to work interactively with media outlets. They need to develop strategies for responding to what matters in the new marketing and media ecosystem — performance, relevance, co-operatively and interactively.

Ecosystem management

is not just about plotting a group of partners in a co-op and stakeholders relevant to the innovation. It’s about designing and managing a complex systems strategy so that innovation success with key partners sets in motion a chain of successes that is transmitted to the other partners in the ecosystem, for the ultimate benefit of the group and the ecosystem as a whole.

Better known as symbiotic networking

where partners of different trades or services merge together in a group and each partner does their own part for the innovation of the group as a whole. Then as the group advances in the direction it is being promoted each participant obtains a boost in recognition.